Final U.S. Road Trip Destination: Salt Flats in Utah

Our final destination was the Salt Flats in Utah, and it was incredible. It's difficult to comprehend that this vastness of white space is made up entirely of salt! When we arrived there was a camera crew present, not sure what they were filming but it makes sense. The flats are the perfect blank canvas for any shoot.  

Chris had a blast doing donuts in the salt while I videoed his little adventure. After all, the flats are known for land speed records, so why not!

There's not a lot to this other than the beauty of simplicity and the wonder it brings to your eyes. The blurred out mountains in the background are a nice touch as well, adding just the right detail to complete a nicely joined minimalistic composition. If you wanna get crazy and venture to Bolivia, Salar De Uyuni is another salt flat that's INSANE!

And that my friends, is the end of our road trip journey. The end to my freedom from corporate America, the end to car snacks, endless sunshine, adventure and optimal levels of happiness. Sigh...

Thanks for reading along, hope you were able to take away some inspiration for future vacations....and back to the grind. Have a great week!