Our Engagement Story


Hey everyone, I'm engaged! Yes, this monumental day has arrived, and it did so just perfectly. On a day trip to Two Lights State Park while vacationing in Maine, Chris tricked me into taking multiple pictures of the scenery to get "the perspective right". When I turned around to show him what I'd photographed, he was on one knee, ring in hand, asking me to spend my life with him. The moment was unexpected, surreal and overwhelming with love. Every girl dreams of this day, and there it was, right in front of me – as genuine and heart felt as I could've ever imagined. I said yes, of course...and just like that our beautiful life together became even more beautiful.

It had occurred to me after, that this truly was a special place to be engaged. Lighthouses symbolize spiritual strength and emotional guidance. As I said "yes" in between the two of them at Two Lights, I couldn't help but feel so safe and happy wrapped up in a metaphor that so thoroughly describes our relationship. We stood there on the rocks as what we've always been – a team of two lights, ready to guide each other through everything that life has coming our way.

Our hearts are so full of love, and we're deeply embracing this very special time in our lives. So happy to share with all of you.