U.S. Road Trip Destination 5: San Francisco


Hey everyone! Time for the lowdown on our next destination, San Francisco. Big Sur was gorgeous, but it was time for Chris and I to experience a little city life. I'd never been to San Fran, so I was pumped to check it out. Though we only had 2 days, it gave us enough time to sneak in a good glimpse of what west coast city life has to offer.

As an SPG card member, I'd accumulated quite a few points that we used for two nights at the Westin St. Francis. The Westin was a really beautiful hotel, however I will say that it's in the middle of EVERYTHING and fighting through traffic to valet the car was not the most fun I've ever had. It did offer us a great spot to pivot from, going everywhere from the Golden Gate Bridge to Haight Street to bars and restaurants.

As a first timer, a few touristy things were in order. Chris and I walked from our hotel past Lombard Street (gorgeous!) to Fisherman's Wharf, spent the day looking at sea lions, boats and fellow tourists - and then walked to the Golden Gate Bridge near Presidio.

Let's pause here and let me say that I do not recommend this walk.

As a Chicago native flatlander, my little feet were in shock trekking up the hills to get through Nob Hill to the wharf. But I kept looking at it positively. Since I'd spent so much time sitting in the car, and my ass had become one with the seat, that work out was well overdo. I do recommend strolling through Nob Hill as it is unbelievably charming and rich with beautiful homes and florals to die for. Lombard street was a surprise for me, we didn't mean to walk past it but fortunately we did. Hello Hydrangeas, my most favorite flower and just such a happy place! That night we stopped by Trick Dog, which is a lively happening place and tons of fun. If I was still 25 and could hold my liquor, I probably would've been suckered into a 3am-I'm-on-a-mission-to-get-wasted kinda night. Alas, we had a few and I was all tuckered out and ready for bed. 

The following morning we started out at Blue Bottle coffee in Mint plaza, their cappuccinos are delightful! The most perfect cap I've ever had and the breakfast sandwich was delicious. Since we were in the mood to hunt for treasure, we headed to Haight Street and perused the streets for unique gems. Other than getting ice-cream at Ben and Jerry's (duh, it was national ice cream day, aka the perfect excuse to take down a 2 scoop waffle cone) I wasn't in the mood to blow a bunch of cash. I loved a lot of the stores on the street, particularly X Generation where they had a unique assortment of rings for around $7. 

That night, we were supposed to head to dinner at RN74, but last minute I wasn't feeling well at all (perhaps it was the ice cream overdose), so we didn't make it, and went to a smaller restaurant close by the hotel instead. However, if you do go to San Fran, this place is known for their extensive wine list. I was also eyeing Octavia, because the food looks amazing and the ambiance looks so cozy and heart warming.

Overall a great experience. I generally love the look and feel of San Fran. Bright whites, pale pinks and mint take over this very layered city. It's an adorable place that has far more to offer than we experienced. And now, onward from San Fran to Napa Valley.

Do you guys have any other recommendations for the next time I visit? Would love to hear! Hope your week is going well!