U.S. Road Trip Destination 4: Big Sur and Carmel

Carmel Alley

Carmel Alley

We left Joshua Tree and continued on to Big Sur and Carmel-by-the-sea. 

Big Sur is one hell of a showstopper. And by showstopper I mean car stopper, because we stopped from every single point we possibly could to soak this baby in. Our favorite and the best spot to stop was Bixby Bridge, you can see a wide view of everything. My photos are a very poor representation of what we saw – the beauty of Big Sur comes from the movement of the waves, the glistening of the light, the nuances that live in the surrounding nature. (Ya, I'm a poet now, what?)  But yes, it's so very magical and something I'll never forget. If you have time, stop at Rocky Point Restaurant and eat outside. Sitting next to the the blue water and having a nice lunch doesn't happen every day.

That night, we camped at Big Sir Campground & Cabins, which was quite lovely.  They had showers, a communal bathroom, and we were surrounded by lots of fun neighbors. It cost us $60 for the night, better than spending more for a hotel room. Plus, the experience was beautiful, peaceful and totally calming. They have numbered spots for the campers and you can rent a spot or a cabin for night. The cabins are pricier, one for the night was $228.

In the morning, we spent a day shopping at the village in Carmel which is about a half hour north of Big Sur. If you've never been to Carmel, you must go. It's so charming! Very European-esque with adorable storefronts and inviting alleyways that lead to coffee houses. I picked up a little treat from Cottage of Sweets, but that was my only souvenir. I'd love to have a vacation home there one day – dream goals! But yes, probably one of the cutest towns I've ever been to.

Last thought, you MUST see the sunset in this area at some point!! We unfortunately had cloudy skies, but it's what everyone raves about. That and the 17 mile drive, another common activity to do in the area.

That's it for now, is there anything else you've done in this area that I missed? Let me know!