Lessons learned from traveling

Vacation in Puerto Rico

My Puerto Rico trip involved a simple game introduced to us by my friend Jess, called "Highlight, Lowlight, Lesson learned" – and it was as much of a bonding experience as it was fun. Throughout our dinners, we would reflect on our individual best times, worst times, and the lessons we'd recently acknowledged from our Puerto Rican excursions.

I'm deeply grateful that at this stage in my life I continue to surround myself with intelligent, charismatic and beautiful women – they are my Wikipedia, my vodka, my Dr. Phil and much more. Their wisdom has answered more of my questions than google.com. On our final vacation dinner, we were planning to name our highlight, lowlight and lesson learned from the entire trip. Instead, we opted for hotel robes, beds, room service and some early shut eye.

So here, as a souvenir for myself, I'd like to note mine while it's fresh.

Highlight: Our 6-course dinner at Fern, by Jean-Georges. You can read my review here. Undeniably a lovely and hilarious time. 

Lowlight: We made the mistake of not making any real plans for New Years Eve (oops!) and couldn't get in anywhere!!
We finally ended up getting a table at Meat Market in El San Juan Hotel, but for a while there we thought we'd be bringing in 2015 in a cab. *Phew*

Lesson Learned: The word "bread" is a great way to remember dinner etiquette. If you form a "b" with your left hand (Index and thumb touch to form a circle, other fingers stick straight up) and a "d" with your right hand (Index and thumb form a circle, other fingers stick straight up) – it's easy to remember that "b"read is always on the left and "d"rinks are always on the right.