Eclectic Collector: Bridget Egan Apartment Tour

We all love a well put together home. Who can't help but drool at a space that screams interior design magazine. We covet these homes because they are polished to a degree of a seemingly unattainable perfection. They inspire us, challenge us, delight us.

Your home should be a personal reflection of you, captured in the most authentic way possible. It should be your own version of perfect, emulating the person who walks in and out of that door every day. The person whose personal style is reinforced by her self-made environment. The person who is confident in her aesthetic and vision for life.

An example of that someone described above is my good friend, Bridget Egan.

Bridget's apartment is a beautiful representation of her – an eclectic arrangement of pieces that each tell a compelling story. Thoughtfully curated, her home is unbelievably rich and layered with truth. I hope to share a sliver of her vision, her madness, her wisdom, her heart.