Simple Tips for Saving Money


I've been really big on saving money this year, as some of you might know from my post about I've arrived at a point in my life where I'm beginning to realize that saving is SO important, not just important. This past year, my good friend Maureen Curosh joined our design team here at VSA Partners (where I work!) and she's taught me a thing or two about saving and getting your way when it comes to deals :) Here, some advice from both of us that really makes a difference.


Honey is an extremely useful app that curates the best deals for you. Any promo code across the internet is automatically added to a website’s checkout, and save! It's been quite the pleasant surprise at checkout to discover the item is much less than anticipated.


When shopping for clothing, find what you like and check eBay for the item. Even if the item has been used once, you're still saving big time.


For big ticket items like furniture, Costco is a great place to go. Maureen purchased a nice L shaped couch that was priced at $899 when a similar couch at Crate & Barrel would be around $3500. The only downside: there is no delivery, so entice your strong friends with beer and dinner (and rent a uhaul).


Buy something you can sell again, especially name brand jewelry like Tacori or David Yurman. You can easily get at least 50% of your money back on something you've owned for 5, even 10 years.


If you buy something full price at a store and it goes on sale the following week, they'll almost always match the sale price. Additionally, a retailer's website often has different pricing, so always check there first before you buy. There's a good chance they'll price match.


Let's get serious about brunch. For the most part, the servings are HUGE and ridiculously unnecessary. They often come with sides as well, like toast and jam. Unless you are dead set on leftovers, split an omelet and some fruit with a friend, and if you're starving perhaps an inexpensive side. I can't tell you how many times I'm so full I can't finish the serving. Less calories and cash spent, and a guilt-free yet satisfying brunch are now in your future.


If you haven't read my article on, you should! It's a great tool to keep you in check, and most importantly: aware of your spending habits. It's easier to make a change when you understand how you behave. 

That's it for now! How do you save? I'd love to hear any other tips!