Candle Design

Candles get a bad rap for being an unoriginal gift, but I beg to differ. The right candle is life changing and can be just the right detail to create a cozy room. The problem that I've encountered in the past is that no matter how good a candle smells – I just can't get past the label. If the typography is from 1982 but it smells like heaven – doesn't matter. I'm just not interested. Sorry, candle. You need to look just as good as you smell. After all, you are responsible for creating a relaxing atmosphere. And these eyes of mine will never be relaxed if they are taking in a refreshing scent while looking at bad clip art and a logo hack job on your label. So with that, I've searched the internet for my top candle picks that are designed to perfection. Because hey, who has time to deliberate over candle designs? *This guy* 

Clean, simple type on crisp white paper juxtaposed against a copper background. Yes, please. Everything I love. Sure it's unscented but who cares! This baby has personality. "Please don't light and leave me." How cute. Plus it's affordable. 

Candle, H&M

A bright pattern, gold detail and simple typography = yay! I love how the hand drawn look and feel balances out the modern sans serif font. I'm already brainstorming alternate uses for the gold lid. Perhaps a jewelry container?

Bella Capri Olive and Lemonwood Tin, Target

I love the simple one color type treatment with a stamped pop of red, highlighting the scent. This candle has been hand poured into a wine bottle that's cut down and sanded, along with a hot iron branded cork. I appreciate the care that goes into making these beautiful candles by hand, and the result thereof! They come in multiple scents and are available in either green or clear bottles.

Orchard Lane Candle, Circle 21

A simple design that doesn't need much to stand out. White type etched on the glass pops from the deep brown candle. Also, it's dude friendly - your boyfriend will applaud your choice. 

Dark Rum Votive, (Malin + Goetz)

Jonathan Adler, you always do it right. I adore the white on white geometric pattern etched into the glass for a crisp, polished look sure to light up any room. With plenty of scents to choose from, the Big Sur uses crisp bergamot, rich vetiver, warm cedar wood, and nutmeg. Place it next to a colorful potted plant on a gold tray and you're winning at decor life. 

Jet Set Candle, Jonathan Adler

Ah yes, the Diptyque candle. or shall I see the "featured on every style blog, everywhere" candle. And there's a reason for it. Look at this beauty! I appreciate the typographic risk of staggering letters - just enough to create interest and yet still be an easy read. I don't own one myself, but the idea of making the purchase just got a little more real as I sit here staring at it. 

Baies candle, Diptyque

With a pure white background, a slight gold border and blush typography – this candle creates an elevated experience for any room. The neutral tones pair well with any decor, and the white space naturally creates a level of sophistication. Plus, it lives at Anthropologie, amongst many other gorgeous candles to choose from.

Mermaid No. 1 Boxed Candle, Anthropologie

Minimalist at its best. These candles inject a bit of personality with large, skewed type that make a variety of random, bold statements. A few other notables include: Swarm of Bees, Love that Burns, and St Johns Wood. 

Tatine Tisane Collection, Jayson Home 

Last summer, I saw these candles at a market in South Carolina. I was immediately drawn to the concept and the simple graphic, as well as the wax seal. Anything repurposed from a wine bottle is just cool – and it can be repurposed again as a vase when the candle burns out.

Rewined Candles


Last but not least, I am smitten by the typographic nuances used to design this label. The smaller the type, the better! And an added bonus for the triangular label that lends itself to the type layout. 

Row Haus Candle, Raus Interior

That's it for now! Which candle design do you like best? Am I missing any that you really love? Let me know so I can expand my collection :)