Mother's Day Gif Guide

There are so many choices out there for Mother's Day gifts. A necklace that reminds us of her, a framed sentimental photograph, beautiful flowers that match her taste, a unique vintage vase – the list goes on. All excellent tasteful choices, with guaranteed smiling and appreciation attached.

But other than a tangible gift, I plan to focus intentionally on the events of the day and our relationship. It really got me thinking about what a gift guide should look like – and to me, it’s more about the moments we create in the few hours we’re focusing on the love we have for the woman who gave us LIFE, and what she takes away from our day spent together. Sure the new perfume she once mentioned will fulfill a want, but not necessarily a need. With that, here is my 2015 "gif" guide of what I believe she needs this coming Sunday. Oh, and bonus. None of them cost a thing.

A thoughtful, longer than usual hug when you see her. An almost awkward embrace that lets her know
you're happy to spend the day together.

Your A game. Make your mother laugh, nothing's as exciting as a wild, snort laugh in a silent room. Don't let the day be a snore fest.

Your appreciation of her. Vocalize it and give her a big fat thumbs up. Don't just write it in a card. She needs to hear it – and bonus! It might make you her favorite child.

Positivity, all day long. Even when you are tired and wish you were laying on the couch watching OITNB on Netflix. Relish in the small moments of the day and celebrate how lucky you are to have each other. 

Keep those mimosas flowin'. Oh, the fun you will have!

Ask your Mom questions you never have before. Like "Have you ever been arrested?" The answers may surprise you or scare you, and you'll either wonder or know why you never dug into her past. Either way, it will bring you closer. And isn't that what it's all about?