Randolph Street Market Furniture

Summer in Chicago inspires an exploratory spirit – everyone anxiously awaits festivals, markets, concerts, outdoor beer gardens...pretty much anything that involves not being cooped up indoors! We must all bask in the glory that is the only 3 months of the year that we can soak up the sun and feel ALIVE. To kick off the inevitable summer event overdosing, I took a stroll through the Randolph Street Market in hopes of finding some gems for the apartment. Even more so, I went to support my boyfriend Chris and his friend Al, who have a space for their furniture collection. Their company, Chicago Salvage Works, carries hand-crafted pieces of furniture – all made from reclaimed wood. My favorite, their coffee tables, are created from the floor boards out of a Chrysler engine plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin that closed in 2009. But not only do the pieces have a story, they're also modern and aesthetically beautiful. Think West Elm or Restoration Hardware – but handmade with thoughtful detail and a personal touch given to each individual piece.

And hey – two good looking guys making furniture? SIGN. ME. UP.

Here are a few photos from their space at the market, they'll be there from June 27-28 as well.


Reclaimed Furnitire

This year Chicago Salvage Works designed their area to look like a home, with a large dining table on the left and a living room set on the right. I was immediately impressed when I walked in, not only by the furniture – but by the vision for their store and the purposeful placement of each piece. Curated with props to showcase their style and serve as inspiration, they offered shoppers a home solution rather than a large number of items to choose from. I also love the turquoise chairs! They create just the right pop of color.


This entryway bench looks modern and fun with two accent pillows. It can be custom made as well, so don't be afraid to ask for a different type of wood if desired. I like to think of it as a stylish piece that's also functional – keeping anything and everything organized while still maintaining a stunning appearance.

Reclaimed Coasters

Every home needs a little touch of rustic wood to add some warmth, and these live edge walnut coasters are a perfect solve for just a hint of the outdoors. Plus they're just plain cool looking.

Console Table

A timeless console table. This one is custom made, but you can find an original here. I love this table because of the simple design  – but also the incredible craftsmanship and unique marks in the wood. I'm already envisioning styling the top of it with a few plants and vases from Sprout to create an entryway showstopper. 

Dining Table
Dining Table Base

The featured dining room table is massive and boasts a uniquely welded base that naturally creates clean lines and geometric shapes. The grandness of it's presence makes me wish I had a space large enough to fit it! One day this bad boy will be mine!! Until then, I swoon.

Cheese Board

Cheese, please! On these specific boards, please! Because they are simply delightful and shaped in such interesting organic ways. You can find a similar one that's larger here.

Coffee Table

Ah, good old Binks. CSW's pup. No, he's not for sale – but the coffee table is. It can be custom made to your liking, check out this one for some ideas.

Reclaimed Console Table

The most remarkable thing about all of the furniture is the markings on the wood. Each piece has beautiful character. Can you find the stick man flexing his arms in this one? Above the bolt on the right? Yep, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Randolph Street Market
Reclaimed Console Table

Another favorite of mine – I love the dark wood top on this console table. It's rich with color and story, allowing for pops of lighter colored accents to make a visual statement.

Hope you enjoy their collection, and thanks for taking the time to read! Email them at chicagosalvageworks@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the above pieces, or have a custom idea in mind.