Reflecting on a Year of 17 Weddings: Maureen and Dave

A while back, I posted about the year that I was invited to 17 weddings. The short summary for those (most of us) with limited time: I devoted my year to attending engagement parties, owning my bachelorette party a-game, designing wedding invitations, writing clever speeches, shopping for guest dresses, returning most of them and wearing what I already have, buying Crate & Barrel gifts that I could barely carry, dedicating the majority of weekends to wedding masses and receptions, writing checks, stuffing my body into weird bridesmaid dresses, eating cake, dancing inappropriately...and many more fantastic scenarios. *Whew* It was a ride, I tell ya. But I came out of it all with some pretty awesome inspiration and a very interesting perspective on marriage, which I will enlighten all of you with in the future. 

I promised to post a few of the weddings I attended, so here is a glimpse of fellow graphic designer and friend, Maureen Curosh's, big day. You can also see her apartment here! Hope the bright colors bring a smile to your face.