Holiday Outfit Mash Up


Every year, around mid November, I start thinking about what I’m going to wear for the holidays. I get extra antsy because my birthday also happens to be on December 28th, adding one more event to the mix. This annual routine is one part stressful, and one part healthy competition to discover the best deals, awesome finds, and appropriate attire for each unique party. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites so far, that can be mashed up with things I already own. 

1 Anthropologie Alexa Bow Dress  / J Crew Factory Faux Fur Scarf  /  3 Bauble Bar Crystal Karenina Bib Necklace  
Zara Blazer with Combined Lapel  /  H&M Lace-covered satin skirt  
6 Rebecca Minkoff mini mac  /  7 Asos Cut Out Heel