2014: Reflecting on a Year of 17 Weddings

Wedding Crowns
Wedding Live Band

Photography: iluvphoto

Last night was the last of 17 weddings that I was invited to or attended in 2014. That's right: 17. And yes! You are correct: 17 is greater than the number of months there are in a year which equaled, at times, more than one wedding in a month for a span of 365 days. One might say that I just graduated from wedding bootcamp. Others might say I have too many friends. 

I am only human and I admit – it was a lot, emotionally and physically. Yes, I emptied out my piggy-bank. Of course, I had a panic attack or two about finding something to wear each and every time. But I attended everything I could including the showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties and rehearsal dinners with a big fat smile on my face and deep love in my heart - because I whole-heartedly care about every person that chose to tie the knot this year. Throughout, I shed (approx. a bucket of) tears to the heart felt moments, stood tall and honored as a bridesmaid, expressed my insights into past lives and future lives through the gift of speech, and wept quietly yet happily to myself at the end of each night – reflecting on the years that have gone by and the gratitude I have for the many wonderful people in my life.

What's more, I had the advantage of taking some serious notes for what eventually will be my big day. Through my 'wed'ucation, I discovered the things I would do similarly, as well as differently. I plan to post these observations throughout the course of time on my blog. So today, in honor of the first day of the end of the weddings, I will start back to where we started, with the wedding that kicked it all off.  Above, I give you number 1: the wedding of my grade school best friend and the lovely details that warmed my heart.